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With the tenet of "insisting on honesty, ensuring customer satisfaction, enhancing quality consciousness and improving continuously", the company continuously strengthens its competitiveness and provides high-quality service to customers.

Release time: 2018-10-26

Shanglongjian Shanghai Company

In 2016, Shuanglongjian (Shanghai) Garment Co., Ltd. officially operated in Shanghai, taking Shanghai Economic Center as the bridgehead, moving forward, face to face with customers, seamlessly docking and providing close service, consolidating the share of Japan's tooling market.

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Release time: 2018-10-23

Shuanglongjian all staff fitness games, strong is the basic condition for the establishment of enterprises!strong is the basic condition for the establishment of enterprises!

Integrate the best action flow of each process of fixed telephone as training material, so as to improve the efficiency of all employees. At the same time, through the competition, some excellent front-line employees were found to join the management team.

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Shuanglongjian organizes staff travel!
Since the founding of the Communist Youth League of China, the Shuanglongjian Youth League Branch Committee, has shouldered the mission of an "organization" with the characteristics of the times, guiding the youth of the League members to take the initiative, and giving full play to the pioneer and exemplary leading role of the League organizations. We should boldly practice and innovate, and strive to build a new platform for youth work. Organize some social public welfare activities, such as "I donate my blood to love" voluntary blood donation activities. As well as advocating "civilized city, civilized citizens, green environmental protection, green travel" social practice, transmission of civilization and other activities. We should carry forward the new ideas of the new era and young people who dare to shoulder and are willing to contribute. Outstanding cadres of League members will go to poor mountainous areas in the west to support education and Practice Socialist Core Values with practical actions.
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