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        The company always takes the first step in team building and reserve personnel training. The first and second sessions of the "Young and Middle-aged Cadres Seminar" begin in 2012. Through inviting teachers in professional fields to teach clothing-related skills and management theory, excellent management cadres are reserved for the company's development. At the same time, we have not slackened our efforts to improve the professional accomplishment of the middle and senior management team. We have signed a long-term training and learning plan with EMBA of East China University of Technology in Shanghai to create a learning enterprise atmosphere and enhance the core competitiveness for the development of the company.
        The company regularly organizes all kinds of skills competition, through competition activities to explore individual skills of outstanding staff, to stimulate the potential of employees. After the competition, the skills and gestures of excellent employees are analyzed, and the advantages and disadvantages of each person's actions are compared. Finally, the optimal action process of each process of fixed-line is integrated as a training textbook, so as to improve the efficiency of all employees. At the same time, through the competition, some excellent front-line employees were found to join the management team.
        The development of the company can not be separated from the hard work of every employee. We prefer to see that every employee can work healthily and happily. The company regularly organizes interesting sports meetings, advocates the humanistic concept of "I work, I am healthy and I am happy", advocates a healthy way of life and sports, and urges every employee to care for their physical and mental health.
Social responsibility:
        With the continuous development and expansion of enterprises, they also take on more social responsibilities. Every year, students in poor mountainous areas such as Yunnan, Guizhou and so on will be given "love and help" activities. In 2016, the Shuanglongjian Factory in Henan Province carried 128 local poverty alleviation projects, helped local farmers get rid of poverty and become rich, solved the problem of training and reemployment of Left-behind women, and won many praises from the Henan Government. In 2018, the "League Committee in Action" plan was launched, which actively participated in the "Precision Poverty Alleviation" project in the western part of the country. Since its establishment, the Chinese Communist Youth League, the Shuanglong Health League Branch Committee, has shouldered the mission of an "organization" of the times, guiding youth league members to take the initiative and give full play to the leading role of the League organization as a vanguard model. We should boldly practice and innovate, and strive to build a new platform for youth work. Organize some social public welfare activities, such as "I donate my blood to love" voluntary blood donation activities. As well as advocating "civilized city, civilized citizens, green environmental protection, green travel" social practice, transmission of civilization and other activities. We should carry forward the new ideas of the new era and young people who dare to shoulder and are willing to contribute. Outstanding cadres of League members will go to poor mountainous areas in the west to support education and Practice Socialist Core Values with practical actions.
        The core value of "Shuanglongjian" is to benefit customers and let them develop with enterprises. Benefit employees, let employees and enterprises grow together. Benefit the society and make the society more harmonious and healthy. Trust and respect, so that each employee in the team integration can reflect their life value.
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