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Shuanglongjian Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, "Top 100 Enterprises", the vice president unit of Jiangsu Garment Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu Province Garment Industry Executive Director Unit.

Group Introduction

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        Jiangsu ShuanglongJiang Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Rugao, one of the six longevity townships in the world with beautiful scenery. Jiangsu textile and garment industry base and export garment quality and safety demonstration zone, the Shanghai-Tong Bridge under construction can be connected with Shanghai high-speed railway for one hour.
        Shuanglongjian Company was founded in 2001, and has developed into six branches: Overseas Shuanglongjian (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Shuanglongjian International Development Co., Ltd., Henan Shuanglongjian Garment Co., Ltd., Shuanglongjian Garment Co., Ltd., Shuanglongjian Garment (Shanghai), Shuanglongjian (Rugao) Inspection Center, Xuchang Shuanglong Garment Co., Ltd. Construct cluster production enterprises. More than 3,500 employees are employed, and the annual gross domestic product is more than 10 million. Products are mainly men and women's leisure jackets, leisure trousers, knitting and shuttle combined leisure clothing, as well as a variety of infant and child clothing industry and trade-oriented enterprises.
        At the end of 2017, Jiangsu Shuanglong Jianjian Garment Co., Ltd. ranked 23rd in the Top 100 Enterprises in Rugao City, vice-president unit of Jiangsu Garment Chamber of Commerce and standing director unit of Jiangsu Garment Industry.
        With the aim of "upholding integrity, ensuring customer satisfaction, enhancing quality awareness and improving continuously", the company continuously strengthens its competitiveness and provides high-quality service to customers. It has the production access rights of large retailers such as TARGET, TCP, K-MART, A&F, Perry Ellis and BESTSELLER (ONLY, VEROMODA) in Denmark. And obtained ISO9000 quality management system certification.